Peter David Fagan

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. Under the supervision of Professor Subramanian Ramamoorthy, I am a member of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAD) Lab.

Prior to my PhD, I completed graduate studies at Stanford University as a Non-Degree Option (NDO) graduate student and earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from University College Cork.

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First-Author Publications

My work thus far has been heavily focused on building infrastructure and tools to support my research objectives. My progress can be tracked on my GitHub Profile. I am now shifting my focus towards utilizing this infrastructure to contribute novel research to the field of robotics.

Collaborative Publications

DROID Dataset

DROID: A Large-Scale In-the-Wild Robot Manipulation Dataset

The DROID Dataset Team

Robotics: Science and Systems (R:SS), 2024

Project Page / arXiv

In this work, we introduce DROID (Distributed Robot Interaction Dataset), a diverse robot manipulation dataset comprising 76k demonstration trajectories or 350 hours of interaction data, collected across 564 scenes and 86 tasks by 50 data collectors in North America, Asia, and Europe over the course of 12 months.

Open X-Embodiment

Open X-Embodiment: Robotic Learning Datasets and RT-X Models

Open X-Embodiment Team

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 2024

Project Page / arXiv

In this work, we introduce Open X-Embodiment, a comprehensive collection of robotic learning datasets and RT-X models. These datasets and models facilitate research in embodied AI by providing large-scale, diverse, and realistic environments for training robotic systems. The datasets cover a wide range of tasks and scenarios, enabling robots to learn complex behaviors through interaction with their environment.


MoveIt 2 Python Library

MoveIt 2 Python Library

Peter David Fagan

Google Summer of Code, 2022


This is the official Python binding for the MoveIt 2 library.