Peter David Fagan

I am a PhD student in robotics and autonomous systems at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Centre for Robotics where I am supervised by Professor Subramanian Ramamoorthy as a member of the RAD lab.

My research focuses on developing novel planning methods for complex multi-step robot tasks. I am particularly focused on how the structure of both formal and informal languages can be used to solve planning tasks. To this end, my research is focused on language grounding, knowledge acquisition and inference methods.

Previously, I completed graduate studies at Stanford University as a NDO graduate student and an undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University College Cork.

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I am currently working on a research project, please check again soon for updates.
June 2022
Fireside Chat with Eric Jang
A fireside chat with the great Eric Jang as part of the Robotics Science and Systems Workshop on Learning from Diverse Offline Data.
March 2022
Applications of Reinforcement Learning
Presentation slides for a talk I gave on the applications of reinforcement learning.
Blog Posts
July 2022
Thoughts about Life and Time
I spent the evening writing some of my current thoughts on life and time.
December 2021
Building a Deep Learning PC
Documenting my experience of building a deep learning PC for the first time.
Open-Source Software
June 2022 - present
Ml Collective Robotics
I am an active member of the ML Collective robotics interest group.
May 2022 - present
I am participating in the Google Summer of Code 2022 with MoveIt! Further details can be found here. Pull requests for my GSoC contributions can be found here
January 2022 - present
Robot Operating Brain
A robotics software library that I am developing alongside my research.
My Bucket List
Bucket List
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